Comfortable business convenience

As an entrepreneur, obviously you need to focus on your core activities, however many ingredients matter when it comes to running a successful business. Matrix Innovation Center team will be delighted to professionally assist you in any way they can. You may log into the portal which is exclusively available for tenants to book meeting facilities, parking space or any other services that we offer.

All services

Reception desk

The central hallway of the Matrix buildings (II, III, V and VI) is home to the reception desk (manned on working days). The latter is the first point of contact for practical issues such as welcoming your guests, answering phone calls and handling incoming and outgoing mail. Next to the reception desk a waiting area has been provided for visiting guests.

Telephone service

If you require someone to professionally answer your phone calls and help out while you are away or in a meeting, the telephone service offered by Matrix Innovation Center is a convenient option. We will answer phone calls in your company name, forwarding messages to your inbox.

Wi-Fi/Internet/Server room/Server cupboard

Wi-Fi is available at the central hallway and also inside consultation rooms of all Matrix buildings. Your visitors are welcome to use this safe guest network while waiting or having meetings.

Each building comes with at least one server room, to accommodate all telephone and internet patch cabinets. Tenants may rent (part of) a server cupboard for private use. Instead of using your office space, your servers are perfectly safe inside our cooled server rooms.

All buildings have a glass fiber connection to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), one of the largest internet hubs in the world. As a result, any bandwidth desired is available.

Mail handling service

The central hallway comes with a private mailbox for storing your private mail. Outgoing mail can be handed in at the reception desk, to be franked and sent off without delay.

Copying service

There is no need to buy a printer, scanner or photocopier. The central hallway of  each Matrix building comes with a multifunctional device.

Meeting facilities

Each building comes with several meeting facilities for 4 up to 20 guests. Matrix II, V and VI include conference rooms with audiovisual equipment. Tenants are very welcome to use all different areas of the Matrix buildings.

Catering & hospitality

If you are in need of catering services like coffee, tea, cake, lunch, drinks or supper during your event or meeting, you can contact The Coffee Virus via or +3120 244 23 48. More information can be found on

For your daily coffee, cake and lunches you are more then welcome in Café Six hosted by The Coffee Virus located in Matrix VI. To see their current menu visit  


Each building is provided with an outstanding security system. As a tenant you may access the building seven days a week using your private access card. During office hours, your visitors should address the reception desk first. Outside office hours, they may only access the building in your presence. In the evening, at night and on weekends an external security company is engaged to ensure maximum security.


All common areas are cleaned on a daily basis. To have your office or lab properly taken care of, you may address the cleaning company directly. At several places inside the buildings, collection points for old paper and cartridges have been provided. Next to the buildings you will find the waste containers where you may dispose of household refuse, polystyrene foam, glass, cardboard and ICT waste.

Parking facilities

The Matrix buildings are surrounded by parking lots where tenants and staff may park their vehicles. As for visitors, tenants may reserve parking spaces in the visitors’ parking section known as P4, which is located between Matrix IV and V. Amsterdam Science Park also provides a number of public (paid) parking spaces. At a few areas in Science Park you may charge your electric car or park your vehicle using the Car2Go option.