Customized rental

Your space to proceed innovatively, surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and the right people to add to that. Today Amsterdam Science Park is the center par excellence when science and technology are involved. Start-up and advanced high-quality knowledge firms are more than welcome to rent customized offices and labs. They may do so permanently or temporarily on one of MIC’s five multi-tenanted premises (Matrix II – VI). All buildings are connected to the AMS-IX, which is the most important internet hub in the Netherlands. To explore the possibilities, each building comes with detailed information on size, facilities and other companies located on the same park.

Matrix IV

If you wish to rent at least half the floor or the entire floor, perhaps you might want to consider Matrix IV. This premises does not come with a manned reception desk or shared meeting facilities, which means service costs are quite convenient.


To find out the possibilities, please contact Raymond Hogerwerf on telephone number +31 (0)20 888 4500, or you may email your message to

Van Overhagen, Pickkers, Luger Architecten
2991 m2 of lettable floor area
Science Park 404 1098 XH  AMSTERDAM

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