Amsterdam Science Park, the place to be

Matrix II, III, IV, V and VI of Matrix Innovation Center are located northeast of Amsterdam Science Park. They are perfectly easy to reach by train, bus and car. All buildings are surrounded by several knowledge institutions such as the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science (FNWI) of the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University College (AUC), research institutions like AMOLF, CWI, Nikhef and SURFsara as well as many innovative firms. Behold a trendsetting location in Netherlands and in fact across Europe where Education, Research and Business converge. It is the place to be for knowledge-intensive companies dedicated to ICT, new media and Life Sciences.

An international superb location

Amsterdam Science Park today is an expert center of international standing, admired by many. It covers no fewer than 70 hectares and is home to some of the largest clusters of fundamental beta studies and research as well as innovative entrepreneurship in Europe, housing nearly 10,000 scientists, beta students, entrepreneurs, staff and occupants. In this setting where meeting one another and exchanging knowledge is pivotal, parties are working closely together on international peak performances and today’s major issues.

Business and Meetings

To Amsterdam Science Park, partnership is self-evident. It is where education, research and business meet. Hence, the park comes with several catering and conference facilities. For meetings and presentations, but also for lunch, dinner and festive gatherings you are more than welcome at Café-Restaurant Polder and The Coffee Virus, located in Matrix VI. The park includes three conference rooms perfectly suitable for 60 up to 150 guests. Also, a hotel with conference and meeting facilities will be provided in the future. At the Sportcentrum Universum students, researchers and entrepreneurs have no fewer than 70 sports to choose from. In addition to physiotherapy, tanning and sauna facilities, the sports center also includes the very welcoming Eetcafé Oerknal where all are kindly invited to enjoy tasty bites.

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