New: Matrix VII

Matrix VII will offer top-quality facilities for high-tech research with laboratories and offices.

Four floors high-value high-tech offices and laboratories

Divided over four floors, Matrix VII offers high-value, high-tech offices and laboratories for Technology and Life Sciences businesses. It concerns a unique, sustainable building with very low CO2 emissions due to excellent daylight entry, a facade with triple-glazing, heat and cold storage via its own source system, water pumps, 400-m2 solar panels, LED lighting and the application of smart building technology. The latter makes it possible for the building management system to independently regulate the climate control, the ventilation and the lighting according to the presence of people in the building and their exact location. Occupants can influence all kinds of settings in the building through an app (BGrid technology). Matrix VII will receive a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ certification (sustainability classification)

A large proportion of Matrix VII is rented out to ARCNL (Advanced Center for Nano Lithography). ARCNL is a research institute and partnership between UvA, VU, NWO and ASML.
ARCNL is housed on the ground floor and part of the first floor where it has specialized research laboratories at its disposal.

There is also room in Matrix VII for other high-tech businesses; the offices and laboratories for these businesses are available on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. The spacious design of the supporting structure offers the building ultimate layout flexibility. The total floor area measures 2,000 m2 and two large atriums allow daylight to enter so that the entire building exudes a pleasant and open atmosphere.

From the entrance on the ground floor, a spacious and inviting staircase takes you to one of the atriums on the first floor, which functions as a lounge and meeting room. The lounge can be extended into meeting rooms (available through reservation) and has a large and sunny balcony/loggia on the south side of the building. Matrix VII also has parking facilities on the secured WCW site and its own built-in bicycle shed with charging stations for electric bikes and scooters.


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High-tech offices and laboratories

Matrix VII will be equipped with climate ceilings; a unique high-value system that guarantees a high level of comfort and a pleasant indoor climate. The climate ceilings are suspended under the floors of the stories and thus lend the building a high-tech appearance.

All rooms have a free height of at least 3 meters and will be delivered with corridor walls and partitions, data cabling, Wi-Fi access points and a cast floor. The building has a flexibility per 3.6 m. The installation set-up takes this into account. The moving of walls, merging/division of rooms within this framework is relatively simple. Adjustments in terms of climate control and lighting can be carried out by software.

The building and the installations are so flexibly designed that adjustments to rooms, room functions and associated installations can take place immediately after completion, but also in the future, without major structural or technical changes. As a result, tenants with varying requirements can easily be accommodated during the life cycle of the building.

Laboratories will be equipped with:

  • Laboratory furniture consisting of a fume cupboard, safety cabinet, work island and rising unit
  • Five-fold ventilation, which can be increased to eight-fold
  • Company water supply network
  • Compressed air
  • Nitrogen

High-value flexible laboratory and offices with:

  • Heat and Cold storage system
  • BREEAM Lighting levels with motion detectors
  • Ventilation and comfort according to BREEAM
  • Energy usage 20% under standard Dutch building regulations
  • Energy meters per level/function for power, water, heating and cooling use
  • Leak detection for water and coolants
  • Low NOx exhaust
  • Architectural sunblinds

Artist impression


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Summary of tenants:

ARCNL (Advanced Center for Nano Lithography) rents out the laboratories and offices on the ground floor and a large proportion of the 1st floor. ARCNL conducts fundamental research in the field of Nanolithography, the most important technology for producing computer chips and processors in PCs, smartphones and tablets. The laboratories of ARCNL have high demands in the fields of temperature and moisture stability, as well as vibrations (up to VC-G).



Information on renting offices and labs

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