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Are you looking for more information on renting an office space or laboratory? Feel free to reach out to us to plan an appointment to further discuss the options and get a clear understanding of your wishes.

Science Park 301, AMSTERDAM

We are easy to reach when traveling by car, public transportation or bike. We can always reserve a parking spot for visitors.



Matrix Innovation Center can be found in the heart of science: Amsterdam Science Park. The campus has the greatest concentration of university level scientific education and research in the Netherlands and is one of the largest in all of Europe.

Amsterdam Science Park has its own ecosystem of research & development, companies, talent and infrastructure. Matrix Innovation Center is proud to be part of this ecosystem. We play a connecting role between education, research and entrepreneurship so that our tenants can get the most out of this very unique community and the services offered.



Amsterdam Science Park has its own train station. There is a direct train from both Amsterdam Central and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. For the scheduled time tables, please visit:

  • Bus 40:  from train station Amsterdam Amstel and train station Amsterdam Muiderpoort
  • Bus 240: from train station Amsterdam Amstel, runs only during rush hour

For actual arrival and departure times of the bus:

OV-fiets (bike rental provided by the public transportation network):

The rental bikes are available at train stations Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam Muiderpoort (a 15 minute bike ride to Amsterdam Science Park).