Van Loon Chemical innovations BV

Contact: Sander van Loon

Science Park 408
1098 XH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

R&D services voor de coating industrie

Van Loon Chemical Innovations (VLCI) provides valuable and innovative R&D services to the formulation industry. We boost development processes and improve properties of polymers, coatings, personal & beauty care, household and pharmaceutical products. VLCI’s customers range from small companies to large multinationals, located all over the world. Established in 2008, VLCI was the first formulation centre to combine applied state-of-the-art formulation science with High Throughput screening. As a creative company, we perform innovative R&D services with a practical approach on a project-by-project basis. By combining knowledge, experience and High Throughput, we generate new and better products in a shorter time. VLCI has it own proven concept: various products introduced onto the market up to 5 times faster, allowing our customers to save costs on R&D projects.

Founded: november 2008
Situated in Amsterdam Science Park: november 2008
Number of employees: 5