Contact: De heer D. Assa

Science Park 400
1098 XH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Scientific research and technology engineering in the cure sector of the medical market

Medical and scientific research, leading to engineering and productising of artificial intelligence platforms; business development to enterprise and industrial medical institutions


ma² a research and engineering development firm, specialises its activities in the cure and scientific sectors of medicine. 

To change people´s perception and handling of medicine, we ensure integration and synergy of proven medical science and innovative engineering.

Based on its contribution to proven science, ma² produces innovative artificial intelligence, so that :
we optimise the treatment of chronic diseases; starting with blood coagulation;
we advance the research for the cure of chronic diseases;
we practice medical prevention, by detecting early signs of medical indications with blood analysis and diagnostics; allowing us to increase risk management.

As a result our innovative products are specific, efficient, accurate, intuitive, educational, future proof, reliable, scalable and compliant; so as to revolutionise the experiences of caregivers core practice and patients knowledge, treatment and proactive participation.
ma² adhere to best practice and safety standards, to improve risk factor management, in line with CE, Notify body, ISO, Nictiz, IHE, digital e-clinics and Health 2.0; as well as to SMPTE, IEEE ITU and OSI media standards.

Founded: Founded in 2003 in the USA, as corporation C
Situated in Amsterdam Science Park: February 2011
Number of employees: 1 managing director, 1 director of finance; 5 full employees