Contact: Mr. T. Gevers

Science Park 402, 1098 XH Amsterdam

3D Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

3DUniversum provides a low-cost, real-time, user-friendly 3D scanning (mobile), recognition and analysis solutions for real-world objects (e.g. faces, bodies, furnitures, rooms, etc.). Reconstructed 3D models can be used for product visualization, virtual tours, home decoration etc., or automatic measurements (e.g. tailoring products, obtaining real-world measures, online shopping etc.). 


3DUniversum is developing 3D scanning (mobile) and recognition technology which is based on cutting-edge academic insights. The uniqueness of 3DUniversum solutions can be found in the combination of knowledge in the fields of computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Founded: June, 2014
Situated in Amsterdam Science Park: October, 2015
Number of employees: 10+