If you are actively involved in the ICT, new media or Life Sciences community

One of the six multi-tenanted business premises of Matrix Innovation Center on the Amsterdam Science Park will provide your perfect accommodation.

“On this inspiring spot, where knowledge and business activity meet and strengthen each other, you are more than welcome to rent your flexible and perfectly suitable office or lab. Also, you may use our facility and business services which we are delighted to offer. But perhaps most importantly, we can be your matchmaker connecting you to educational and research institutions for beta sciences and other knowledge-intensive firms. They too are located on this park. For we believe knowledge is key to progress and innovation.”

Ivo Sweep, managing director at Matrix Innovation Center



@MATRIXIC welcomes @Avantium during the official opening of Avantiums offices and laboratory in @MatrixVI at… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

Flexible offices and labs

Comfortable business convenience


Reception desk

The central hallway of the Matrix buildings (II, III, V and VI) is home to the reception desk (manned on working days). The latter is the first point of contact for practical issues such as welcoming your guests, answering phone calls and handling incoming and outgoing mail. Next to the reception desk a waiting area has been provided for visiting guests.

Telephone service

If you require someone to professionally answer your phone calls and help out while you are away or in a meeting, the telephone service offered by Matrix Innovation Center is a convenient option. We will answer phone calls in your company name, forwarding messages to your inbox.

Wi-Fi/Internet/Server room/Server cupboard

Wi-Fi is available at the central hallway and also inside consultation rooms of all Matrix buildings. Your visitors are welcome to use this safe guest network while waiting or having meetings.

Each building comes with at least one server room, to accommodate all telephone and internet patch cabinets. Tenants may rent (part of) a server cupboard for private use. Instead of using your office space, your servers are perfectly safe inside our cooled server rooms.

All buildings have a glass fiber connection to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), one of the largest internet hubs in the world. As a result, any bandwidth desired is available.